Why A Balanced Party?

About A Balanced Party

Working Together

Sometimes working together means that no one gets exactly what they want. A third party that positions itself in the middle of partisan conflict can balance the extremes on either side.

Balance Amidst Conflict

Dividing up issues into several components and assigning the pieces to smaller committees can help reduce conflicting factions making them choose the positions they want most.

Getting Washington To Respect Differences And Ideals Can Help Set An Example To Everyone.

“The River Of Liberty Is Best Traveled Without Hitting The Banks Of Despair.”

There is no doubt that the conflicts in this nation are also driven by its freedoms. Citizens will need to support change, work through differences, and believe in ourselves as capable beings, whom can rationalize the importance of our nation in a growing world.

Transparency And Honesty

Do You Trust Your Government?

Honor and Integrity need to be evident in our elected officials. 

    • Do You Believe Our Elected Officials?
    • Have We Lost Our Amendment To A Free Press?
    • Has The Drive To Profit Caused Us To Lose Freedoms?
    • Are The Fire Department And Police Forces Examples Of Socialism?
    • Do We Understand What Socialism Or Communism Actually Are?
  • Do People Engineer The Fear Of These Words, To Encourage Money Systems For The Wealthy, To Use Tax Money For Profit?

Capitalism Versus Socialism

If capitalism works in its true form then why did we need bank bailouts?

Consider this excerpt from a letter George Washington wrote John Jay. ” We have errors to correct. We have probably had too good an opinion of  human nature in forming our confederation. Experience has taught us,  that men will not adopt & carry into execution, measures the best  calculated for their own good without the intervention of a coercive  power. I do not conceive we can exist long as a nation, without having  lodged somewhere a power which will pervade the whole Union in as  energetic a manner, as the authority of the different state governments  extend over the several States.”

Families need leadership and guidance just as a country does. Without this guidance we will likley fail.

Political Philosophy

The Origins Of Thought Begin With Philosophy. It’s Important For These And All Questions To Be Considered. A Drive To The Greater Good and an Adherence To The Value Of Life.

It Begins With You The United States Citizen, A Component Of World Change and Your Promotion Of The General Welfare Of All People. United States Citizens First, Out Reaching To A Global Community.

All People Are Created Equal

Understanding Ideals

Our candidate’s honesty and integrity exemplify our premise. It is our honor to promote these ideals for all people, for trust through honesty, cohesion through integrity, and a future United States from working with The United States constitution.

United By A Belief in The Human Race

The Human Race includes all people regardless of vulnerability, handicap, or faculty. A Balanced Party listens to everyone, to try and incorporate everyone, in the political party. From rich to poor, intelligent to not, the Balanced Party believes you have a purpose and value. Everyone deserves equality and justice as a right.

Great Ideas Start Small

Check out our site and climb onboard for the ride. Donations help promote this party to make effective change in policy and thinking. Though a true democracy is difficult to implement, we can do a better job of listening to minorities to initiate change.

Why Donate – Where Does The Money Go


Websites Have Costs. The Domain Averages Around $20. The Website Builder Around $120 A Year. Someone’s Time To Update And Upkeep. Pens Cost Around $1.00 A Pen To Promote The Site.

Finding A Candidate That Shares These Ideals

Campaigning for US president can be a very expensive proposition.   Running a campaign to win a presidential primary can range in cost from  $50 million US Dollars (USD) to over $100 million USD.  By itself, this  cost is already enormous, but there’s even more that must be spent to  run for president.  Once the primaries are over and the nominees begin  their campaigns to win the general election, an additional $75 million  USD is typically spent. Acording to: https://www.wisegeek.com/how-much-does-it-cost-to-run-for-president.htm

Pushing A Force For Good

You Don’t Make Money Solving Problems Generally. If You Did They Would Not Exist. Child Trafficking, Child Porn Sites, and other Illegal Activities, Make Shady Characters Millions. This Website Is The Origin For Change, Like Many Others, But Pushing For Honest Candidates That Are Sworn To These Ideals And Beliefs Will Help Ensure They Obey The Laws And Are Appropriately Pressured Into Doing “The Right Thing.”


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Help end the drama in our government. Show your party that you have their back. Give today!

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